Sean Christopher Ward Sean Christopher Ward

I’m wanting to try something new!
I’m wanting to tap into the entire Wichita market with your help.

Introducing the…

Do you have friends, family members or employers, that might like to buy my art?
Well, let me make it worth your time to finalize the sale!

I am going to let anyone who can find a sale for me (on days other than Final Friday) to bring in that individual and let you profit off the assistance!
interested in openly representing my artwork and finishes a sale, I will give 30% commission to. There will be no restricted representation markets.  Upon sending me notification you would like to try selling my artwork, I will send you all the necessary documents to help the potential client make an educated purchase and upon appointment with the client and yourself, we will meet at the gallery to finalize the sale!

Fine print:
-All sales must be processed in person, no online or phone call transactions will occur for this program. I am more than happy to schedule an appointment to meet when it is convenient for everyone!
-Do not accept payment on my behalf, I use PayPal here for all the transactions and can send someone an invoice online if they are needing to pay at that very moment.
-The collector must pick up the works themselves or schedule a time with me to deliver to them.
-All information on pricing is available for viewing online and provided as an Excel document.  Do not discount the work without first speaking to me directly to confirm the new amount.
-30% commission is of the final sale price, sales tax excluded.
-Payment to the affiliate occurs within 14 days of the finalized sale.  This ensures there are no chargebacks. If the unfortunate event that a chargeback occurs, then no commission will be paid out.


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